plastic waste

Since I was little, I've always loved going to the seaside. The sound, the smell, the sea air-- even the ritual of gathering my towel, sunscreen, and swim suit--it's all part of the peacefulness. Sadly, the seaside I enjoyed as a little girl is dramatically different from the seaside I experience now.

Around 19 billion pounds of garbage end up in our oceans every year. It's everywhere, and it's a massive problem. Much of this waste problem is from single use plastics. These plastics kill marine life, destroy the natural beauty that soothes the vacationing spirit, and is ingested by animals. And by animals, I also mean humans.

By 2025 -only seven years from now- the 19 billion pounds of garbage in our oceans, is expected to double. Gross! And sad. But that doesn't have to happen!!

Here is a link to things you can do now!

And here is an organization that is currently cleaning up ocean waste and turning into sellable, sustainability focused goods. You can donate to them, if you'd like. :)